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L7Viewer - Visibility up to Layer 7


Get complete visibility of all network traffic that crosses your virtual infrastructure, up to Layer 7 and accelerate common and tedious tasks such as VM migration, application upgrades and root-cause identification of performance issues.


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VM Optimization

Sort VMs according to traffic profile and identify truly idle machines.

Application Dependency Mapping

See traffic in & out of VMs to get a clear picture of application dependencies between machines.

Security Policy Validation

Determine if any application on your network is using a non-standard port.

Root-Cause Analysis

Accelerate investigations into general performance problems by looking at end-to-end flows for any application.

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Qosmos launches a new product
Qosmos Launches L7Viewer

L7Viewer provides complete visibility of all network traffic that crosses a virtual infrastructure, up to the application layer.

Cloud Expo Europe
See us at Cloud Expo Europe

See L7Viewer live in action at Cloud Expo Europe in Paris, November 29-30.

Cloud Expo Silicon Valley
Cloud Expo Silicon Valley

Thanks to all who came to see the new L7Viewer from Qosmos at Cloud Expo in Santa Clara, November 1-3.

VMWorld Europe 2016 Barcelona
VMWorld Europe 2016 in Barcelona

Thanks to all who came to see the L7Viewer demo and listened to our presentation on virtual network visibility.