See The Invisible

Full visibility of your virtual networks in real time

L7Viewer provides a complete L2-7 view of all inter-VM traffic in the data center and between any VM and the external environment.

It maps network traffic and displays the information in a way that’s easy to understand, with a set of comprehensive filters for instant access to the data you need. 

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See all the way up to Layer 7

L7Viewer allows you to analyze your traffic by application as well as by traditional L2-L4 criteria such as VM, hypervisor, physical link, IP address and connection. Leveraging market-leading DPI technology from Qosmos, L7Viewer recognizes more than 2,700 protocols and applications and groups them by category for easier viewing.

100% of your network traffic

See traffic to and from all your VMs, whether or not they are listed in your inventory. L7Viewer also lets you see traffic from both known (sanctioned) and unknown (e.g. Shadow IT) applications. Truly 100% of your network traffic.

In real-time

Get the information you need, in real-time, to accelerate troubleshooting and other time-sensitive tasks. Data is continuously compared to historic trends for a better contextual view.

Deep Traffic Visibility For Total Control Of Your Network


Accelerate common IT tasks such as VM migration, application upgrades, cloud migration and root-cause identification for network and application issues.

Technical implementation
  • A lightweight probe VM on each hypervisor analyzes all traffic passing through the virtual switch.
  • The probe feeds an analytics node, which stores records in a database.
  • Deployment and orchestration is handled through VMware vCenter.

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