Application Dependency Mapping

Which machines are clients for this specific service or application?


It is not always easy to identify which virtual machines are clients (or servers for that matter) for specific services or applications. This information is critical when you need to de-commission a machine to ensure you are not disrupting any service.


For example, an enterprise had four Domain Controllers running Active Directory 2008 for DHCP, DNS and LDAP services. The IT Director wanted to upgrade its Domain Controllers to Active Directory 2012 to support a new version of MS Exchange. The problem was that many clients were using LDAP and DNS services from Active Directory 2008 (SMTP, proxy, tech support, etc.) and not all clients using those services were known.


Using L7Viewer, the IT administrator identified all clients using services from Active Directory 2008 and reconfigured these clients so that Active Directory 2008 could be switched off safely. The time required for the update was reduced from 2 days (based on previous experience) to 4 hours thanks to L7Viewer.


L7Viewer shows traffic flows in and out of VMs for each protocol and application. You can see that information in real-time for time periods that can stretch back to an entire year.

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