Root-Cause Analysis

Is it the network or the application that is the source of your performance problem?


Most trouble tickets are opened because an application is slow or does not respond. The first challenge for IT administrators is to determine if the problem is network-related or application-related. Unfortunately that task can be time consuming because it requires piecing together granular information obtained from different performance monitoring tools.


And the problem is not always clear cut. Sudden spikes of traffic can reduce overall application performance and are difficult to diagnose because they are not necessarily caused by a single application or network component. For example, an L7Viewer customer recently experienced a general slowdown in application performance. Using L7Viewer, the IT administrator looked at the proportion of traffic flows by application and quickly found the source of the problem: a massive Windows update.


L7Viewer is the perfect “first-responder” tool when performance problems are reported.  By showing end-to-end flows up to the application layer, it allows you to quickly narrow down the cause of a performance problem and let you determine how to pursue your investigation.

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